Friday, January 28, 2011

Porsche Panamera Marbella Cars

Porsche History
Porsche was founded in 1931 by Dr.Eng. Ferdinand Porsche, who was elected as the engineer of international century, creator of the Volkswagen Beetle and connected to other very important projects in automobile history, including the first hybrid vehicle developed in the 1901 which was studied by NASA years later to build a lunar vehicle.
The Porshe is famous for its sporty models, but keeping the features that make everyday use, such as reliability and durability of their equipment.
In August 2009 VW bought 49% of the shares of Porsche AG, aiming to make a merger between two manufacturers that iminiente is being expected for 2011.
With the participation of Qatar, an oil producing country in the Middle East, who repaid the debt of Porsche through the purchase of shares, the Stuttgart company will merge with Volkswagen

The Porsche Panamera is the best luxury car

The readers of the German car magazine ‘auto motor und sport’, have voted the Porsche Panamera as the best car.
The readers of this magazine, voted the Panamera at first in the top segment of luxury sports cars. This award is the third in a short time. Earlier, the Panamera has won the “das Goldene Lenkrad ‘by Auto Bild and Bild am Sonntag and the” Auto Trophy “from Auto Zeitung.
This election is hold since 1977, and since then even the votes from their foreign issues are counted for, so it is not only a German party.

Sales Success
The appreciation of the Porsche Panamera is confirmed by the sales figures: in December last year the ten thousandth Panamera was produced in Leipzig.


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