Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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Posh Loremo Diesel and Electric to be available by 2010
The very cool looking Loremo is already making plenty of ripples even before making its way on to the road anywhere. The Loremo is due to release by 2010 (Yup, that is a long way away), but now the Diesel version that will roll out in 2010 has company. It will apparently come along with the electric version of the car. According to the company the features on the car are yet to be finally agreed upon, but there is no doubt that it is well and truly on its way.

The engine output of the electric version will be approximately 20 kilowatts, with short-term bursts of 40 kilowatts possible, which should be enough for such a light and aerodynamic car. In regular mode the E-Loremo is likely to consume 6kwh/100km, equivalent to the power value of 0.6 liters of diesel fuel. In comparison, the diesel version should do 2 liters/100km. Top speed for the E-Lomero should be about 105 mph. The battery capacity hasn’t yet been finally specified, however, the goal of the makers is a mobility range of around 150 to 200 kilometers [93 to 124 miles].

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According to current German e-power rates, round about 1 Euro will buy 100 kilometers of range! I do not know if that is really possible and to be honest 1 Euro is not that cheap either. A prototype of the E-Loremo should be ready in mid-2008, but too late for the Geneva Motor Show. So basically it might be unveiled later this year, maybe some place else where the car might be the only model to steal the spotlight.
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Loremo 1 Car
Loremo 1 Car
Loremo 1 Car


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