Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mercedes AMG

All the models from Mercedes AMG series have superior styling, aggressive performance, better stability and handling. AMG in other words is actually the subsidiary for the famous automaker company Mercedes-Benz. In comparison to regular Mercedes counterparts the engineers from the AMG use carbon fiber materials. The models from AMG are quite expensive, but the fact that they deliver high-performance is enough to impress the buyers from all parts of the world. As a company, AMG was conceived in the year 1960, and the sole purpose of the company is to test and design racing engines.

 AMG Advance Features

  • Increased and improved displacement engines especially the 5.2 and the 5.4litre engines.
  • Performance stacks and polished intake or heads.
  • Belligerent cams and a lighter valve-train.
  • Latest models use speed-shift 5G and 7G-tronic automatic transmission.
  • Other specs include the wide body kits, spoilers at front, wheel steering with small diameter, cluster of instruments, options to delete the chrome, standard upholstery, stereo and music systems and enhanced wooden interiors. The 560 M117 engine was introduced by Mercedes-Benz in the year 1986 came as an opportunity for many customers around the world. The opportunity was to gather the best displacement on offer by the AMG.
Last few years Mercedes amg put their focus on superpower V6 and V8 engines. This technology later was put to abundance in the year 2006 by the company with the introduction of an aspirated M156 6.2L V8 engine. Volker Momhinveg, chairman of Mercedes-AMG, in 2006 released statements that the company prefers using turbo charging unit.

AMG Specifications

In late 1980s, there were some models from the AMG having manual speed transmission. Now with several inventions in technology, Mercedes amg, in all the models launched recently have made use of latest 5-G-tronic automatic transmission with speed shift. This transmission fits best in contrast with other automobiles with manual or semi-automatic transmission.

AMG Engine

Other specs include the 32V DOHC engine. It has been the pinnacle of Mercedes amg performance and success. A person can also order the manual 5-speed transmission. However, since 1970, the company has not offered a manual transmission V8 engine. Wheels offered during that period were AMG road wheels with five spokes. The wheels at that time supplemented a slight difference in style. However, they were not endorsed or made by the AMG. The suspensions in combination with AMG wheels included down market springs and lower shock absorbers.

Stability and recital of Mercedes amg

The philosophy of Mercedes amg is different in all aspects from the BMW M. Many versions of nameplates with an increased performance have been created by Mercedes amg. Versions also include SUVs and sedans. When other automaker companies were emphasizing more on agility and luxury, Mercedes had complete emphasis on racing cars. After merging the company has delivered according to their philosophy of work. Apart from poor dynamics for handling the models have been known well for their acceleration and styling. Authorities from the company have revealed that the company will soon have their focus back on delivering some exciting sports cars.


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