Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New york auto Show 2011

The New York auto show happens at the end of the international auto show season, is fairly small, and above all was over-shadowed by the Shanghai International Auto Show this year. Consequently, there were few surprises and big global debuts. During the first day, updates for several small cars were revealed, and more efficient engines entered the mix.

Volkswagen made New York the last station of a spectacular around-the-world media event, starting in Shanghai and then going to Berlin and finally NYC, unveiling its second-only redesign to the iconic Beetle, the best and longest selling car in history, in hopes of finding a wider appeal as high fuel prices drive demand for smaller cars.
Porsche showed two awesome hybrid cars, one of it a big surprise (although already shown in Geneva for the first time). While the Panamera hybrid is probably the nicest (and also most expensive) hybrid car you can buy, this was not the big surprise. Shocking was the replica of the first diesel-electric car ever built - 111 years ago by Ferdinand Porsche! 
It is actually sad to learn that in the year 2011, mankind just found back to the concept of maximum efficiency in individual transportation, which was already envisioned and put into practice by Ferdinand Porsche over one century ago in 1900.

A paparazzi drawing moment was engineered by Audi, which didn't show any debut car at all but peppered their press conference with the surprising appearance of Steven Colbert, who made this the most entertaining and funny moment of the day


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