Friday, April 8, 2011

Honda Zeppelin Concept

You won’t find a dashboard in this Honda Zeppelin concept vehicle. All the necessary information and other elements needed for driving are displayed on an interior panel of the car and everything is controlled with only the minimum amount of movement due to its use of voice recognition technology. Inspired from an airship, the interior is reminiscent of a first-class seat of an airplane.
The front row of seats can rotate 360 degrees and so when the car is not moving, the front row seats and the back row seats can face each other. This makes it possible for a brief meeting, enjoying a cup of tea and even working in your car. No word on if or when we may be seeing this vehicle on the roads.

Zeppelin Makes a Comeback

To most of us, the name Zeppelin may be linked to a rock band. However, it is really a model in the late 1930s, a sedan that was pretty much in the class of the Rolls Royce Phantom. Maybach is reintroducing the Zeppelin brand to bring back the glory days at the Geneva Auto Show.
The new edition is limited to a mere 100 units worldwide. However, the very wealthy buyers who get to snatch one up will benefit from a few perks compared to the lesser mortals who can only afford the “normal” versions.
Honda Zeppelin Concept
The new Zeppelins will start at US$524,000 for the 57 and an outrageous US$610,000 for the 62 version, making them the most expensive sedans in the world, even before any options are tagged on. This latest version brings the number of Maybachs to seven: the 57, 57S, 57 Zeppelin, 62, 62S, 62 Zeppelin and 62S Landaulet.
Honda Zeppelin Concept Black
Honda Zeppelin Back Side View
Honda Zeppelin Concept Exteriore
Honda Zeppelin Rear


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