Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Toyota Cruiser


There are times, not often, when I tend to look for things that are practically impossible to find. Things like ‘the best car in the world’. It is not possibly for me to say that this car is the best, or that car is the best – how could I? I have not tested the top cars in the world (not all of them, not yet , but a man can form an opinion, man, a man can form an opinion.

And so I have formed an opinion. It is that the Toyota Land Cruiser is the best car in the world.

I know, I know, it is a big statement and certainly does not sound like a responsible one. It sounds like when you ask a kid about his favorite car, and without blinking, the kid jibes, ‘Porsche’ or ‘Ferrari’. I don’t think the Toyota Land Cruiser is the fastest, most fuel economical nor the most beautiful car I have ever seen. No, in fact, some models of the Land Cruiser I find quite ugly. I don’t find the Land Cruiser to be the ‘hottest’ car or anything, but I do believe it is the best car your money can buy.

Why Land Cruiser

I can vouch for the following:

  • The car will take you anywhere a car can possibly go – off road prowess of the Land Cruiser is almost legendary.
  • It is the most comfortable – especially the driver and passenger seats. I have traveled in a Toyota Prado, a Land Cruiser and a Toyota Hilux Double Cabin (the much revered daala) – and all in the same day – the Land Cruiser was the most comfortable ride by far.
  • Fuel Economy is above average – 5 Kilometers to a litre for such a beast are – relatively, at least – OK.
  • The Land Cruiser handling is superb, compared to something like a Prado.
  • You feel secure when in a Cruiser – somehow more secure than in a Prado.

Seriously, I have yet to review a Land Cruiser here on CarAdvice.pk, and I – God willing – shortly will review it, but I have enjoyed every bit of this car whenever I have had the chance. This car just – on the whole – beats every other car.

God willing, if I ever change my car, it will be for this. (I will have to perhaps rob the nearest bank to acheive this feat, but a man can dream, right?)

What do you guys think?

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