Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bahrain GP 2011

After a month of global unrest and what seems like mass uprising the country of Bahrain has been thrown into turmoil. The formula one world has been sat watching events in the middle east with trepidation. It is still not clear if the formula one race will go ahead because of the problems this country is currently facing.

It has emerged that the final decision will probably not be taken by the formula one organizers but the Crown Prince of Bahrain. This news comes right from the heart of formula one Bernie Ecclestone. The civil unrest in Bahrain has left the season opener for the 2011 formula one championship in serious doubt.
The unrest to date has left many people injured and six people dead, the protests throughout the country has seen local police fire live rounds into demonstrations. Earlier statements from Ecclestone seemed quite naive as he hoped that the problems would just blow away. When this happened the race would be run as expected.
Watching other events across the globe and what has happened since local and national protests it is hard to believe these protests will just blow away. With the removal of Egypts long standing ruler and the current state in Libya it is easier to believe that the current events will run their course.
Ecclestone spoke to the BBC on Sunday and claimed that the Crown Prince was the best person to make the call on the race. The Prince who has been left this decision is the heir to the throne and also the supreme commander of the defence force. Ecclestone also stated that as the formula one team is not in the country they won't be issuing any advice on safety.


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